NavigatorSelect Site Certification

Navigator Consulting partners with PlazaSource to offer “NavigatorSelect Site Certification” and site assessments for landowners, developers and economic development organizations. PlazaSource is a San Antonio-based consulting group headed by Tony Ramirez, previously with the Borderplex Alliance. The Navigator PlazaSource collaboration brings together site selection, site assessment and site certification expertise with the extensive analysis and marketing support for communities looking to expand local business opportunities.

Why Certify your Site

  • Accelerate time-to-market timeline for clients seeking sites
  • Increase competitiveness and marketability by offering development-ready sites instead of untested properties
  • Ensure reliable and quality data on development-ready sites
  • Underscore the quality of sites and enhanced reputation of developers, landowners and the community
  • Underwrite the importance of compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Illustrate the return on investment and reduction of risks to lending institutions and other funding sources

How Can We Help

We implement an industrial site certification program to help developers, landowners and economic development executives increase engagement and reduce delays for companies seeking qualified business locations for new or expanded operations.

We evaluate and certify industrial sites for development in order to increase competitiveness, shorten project timelines and expedite the completion of industrial projects. We are committed to helping landowners succeed in the certification of their properties and sites despite the challenges that might occur.