Managing Expansions to North America Successfully

Simplifying Your Expansion Experience

Are you considering an expansion to North America? Many of our clients do not have the necessary resources or experience to manage the complexity of an international expansion project by themselves. Setting up operations in a new geographic location is rarely part of our clients’ everyday business.

We help you focus on your core business while navigating you safely and successfully through your expansion project. Our consultants manage your project from both sides of the Atlantic, and you receive all feedback and information for your decision-making from one partner.

Navigator Consulting - Process Model - Expansion North America
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Our North America Expansion Model Explained:

Inception – In this initial phase, you are reflecting on your motivation to expand, studying your market growth abroad, defining objectives and collecting information from professional service providers like ourselves.

Teamwork – Before you commence your project, we recommend that you put together a team of internal and external experts to support your efforts. As experienced expansion project managers, this is where we would ideally join you in your deliberations help you plan project.

Planning – Every successful manager understands the value of planning, but few international executives will have done so in America. We have the experience to effectively guide you through this new environment. Planning an expansion well from the beginning is imperative since all subsequent stages depend on these initial efforts.

Location Selection – Where should we locate our business operations in North America? This is a decision that will determine your company’s success for decades. We help you manage this process, with our U.S. and European consultants providing support on-site, and in your home country as well, so that your core business does not go unattended. Whether you are looking for an existing building or a greenfield site, we identify and assess options that match your ideal location profile and project requirements.

Start-up & Construction – We will coordinate and liaise with all relevant stakeholders and help you prepare, among other things, your engineering, permitting and construction work. We have developed an extensive network of professional service providers who will ensure that all aspects of your expansion into the North American markets is as smooth and successful as possible.

In short, we manage your expansion project from A to Z, ensuring that we meet your timeline, your targets and your budget.