About Navigator Consulting

New Markets. Strategic Locations.

Navigator Consulting provides industrial site selection and community & economic development consulting services.

Whether you are looking for a site or a building, we offer the full range of business site location services: definition of project parameters; identification and evaluation of qualified sites; analysis of operating costs; liaising with state and local decision-makers; coordination of site visits; navigation of workforce training programs, environmental permitting and incentive discussions.

Key partners in any successful site selection include professional service providers like attorneys, tax advisors, engineers and others who can assist you with advice on real estate, employment, incentives and taxes. We work with experienced professional allies to support your project.

Our proprietary site selection methodology is designed to provide you with decision transparency, and to help you avoid delays and costly mistakes. With our extensive experience and empirical approach, we will find the optimal business location that meets your requirements and maximizes your capital investment.

Mr. Blair has an extensive economic development background and understands the objectives and expectations of Economic Development Organizations. Having worked with international executives for more than 30 years, he and his team can share valuable insight into their decision-making process.

Navigator provides a range of community development services that help EDO’s focus on FDI opportunities, prepare for international project visits, maximize communication with international executives and ensure greater competitiveness.

Company History


After 30 years of economic development and site selection experience working with European companies, Mr. Blair founded Navigator Consulting in 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, engaging two talented German graduate students who had interned with him at the German-American Chamber.

Between 2014 and 2023, Navigator assisted clients in locating manufacturing operations in Indiana, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and California, announcing $2.2 billion in capital investment and 5,600 jobs.


In order to expand the transatlantic investment platform and provide clients a continuity of multilingual and intercultural service, Mr. Blair established a presence in Germany in 2016.

Navigator works closely with Berlin-based Trans-atlantic Business and Investment Council to offer a unique “FDI-Qualified Community Certification”, a program designed to help EDO’s develop intercultural communication skills to improve messaging with executives and business consultants and increase competitivenes.


Navigator has assisted international companies from a wide range of industries locate manufacturing facili-ties in North America. These firms entrusted their site searches to our specialized team of site selection, geo-analytical and project management professionals.

With our community development services designed for communities looking to develop their strategic FDI plans, improve their competitiveness and increase their share of greenfield capital investment, Navigator has become a trusted partner to local, regional and state EDO’s.