U.S. Site Selection & Market Entry Consulting

Navigator Consulting provides business site selection and market entry services, helping companies like yours find an ideal location to establish and expand your North American business operations.

Business location decisions can be quite complex and risky. Our site selection service and methodology are designed to minimize the complexity and prevent costly mistakes and delays. With our extensive experience in site selection and our objective approach, we will find the best possible business location for you, a location that meets your project requirements and maximizes your capital investment.

The Navigator Consulting site selection team coordinates the full range of business location services: project parameter definition; identification and evaluation of suitable sites; location screening, including operating cost and business environment analysis; liaison to state and local development authorities; coordination of community and site visits, including meetings with authorities to discuss environmental or construction permitting, work force training, and potential incentives.

Key partners in any successful U.S. business site selection include professional service providers like Attorneys and Tax Consultants who can assist your company with advice on real estate, employment, incentives, and taxes. We have a strong, experienced group of partners who we can bring to the table to work with us for you. Or we can work with your own team.

Whatever your needs are, a greenfield site, a shell building, an existing building, a market or site report, we are here to help you.




Site Selection

Your company is looking for a greenfield site, a shell building or an existing building for your North American manufacturing operation?

Your project has a complex set of location factors including work force, logistics, operating costs, utility costs, incentive opportunities, etc. ?  You and your team require help navigating a new business, legal and tax environment? All this while meeting a critical project timeline?

Navigator Consulting can provide the following support:

  • Pre-project launch discussions
  • Definition and documentation of project parameters and requirements
  • Creation and issuance of a Request for Information (RFI) or Proposal (RFP)
  • Receipt, analysis & evaluation of RFI's, including customized site benchmarking
  • Evaluation of real estate proposals
  • Organization of and participation in on-site visit programs, including meetings with state and local authorities (work force training, environmental permitting, government incentives, etc.)
  • Coordination of a “due diligence” visit in advance of final negotiations
  • Organization of final negotiations with state & local authorities, building owners & other relevant decision-makers

Global launch

Your Community wants to evaluate its effectiveness in successfully competing for international projects?

How do you promote your Community to international prospects? Do you have the right product? What does "shovel-ready" mean to a German or Swedish industrial prospect? How do your efforts align with your regional and state economic development partners?

Navigator Consulting can offer the following "Global Launch" services that boost your Community's FDI attraction efforts:

  • Workshops on the European executive decision-making process
  • Workshops on communicating with international business prospects
  • Workshops on European business culture and raising intercultural awareness
  • Evaluation and feedback on community property and marketing collateral
  • Specific recommendations for improving product, collaboration & communication (including in formal report)
  • On-site visits and meetings with local economic development and community leadership
  • Professional feedback from experienced international site selection consultants
  • Customized business research


Site Selection Consulting
Market Entry
Strategic Location Analysis
Business Cost Analysis
Project Management
Site & Community Visits
Incentives Opportunities
U.S. Business Culture
FDI Attraction Strategies
Economic Development


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what Do Clients say about navigator consulting ?

As owners of the Heiche Group, we found excellent support for our site selection in the USA, and within 9 months we were able to identify and acquire a processing facility through the strong personal network and technical knowledge of Mr. James Blair. Mr. Blair began our site search with 66 properties, reducing this to 30 through a rigorous process of analysis and facility elimination. We were able to identify the 3 most qualified facilities following an informative, 5-day tour through 12 communities and 4 states. We visited the communities, the proposed buildings and met with state and local authorities. Mr. Blair also organized visits with authorities for us to discuss issues like permitting, infrastructure and incentives. Access to various incentives provided our company with greater flexibility in our capital investment strategy and reduced our start-up costs.
— Gunter Heiche, Advisory Board, Heiche Group
Our company operates world-wide, and we manufactured in the U.S. for 8 years before we started looking for a second location to supply OEM’s in the Midwest. We had learned a lot about America, including the need to work with experts.
Mr. James Blair displayed particular skill at navigating our project team through a complex site selection process involving a wide range of project pathways. Liaising with the many state and local authorities, he displayed skill in communicating with all parties involved and ensuring that both sides understood the potential and the limitations of a possible “deal”. We relied on Mr. Blair as an American with a thorough understanding of his own country, but also as an experienced international business manager with considerable knowledge and understanding of Germany and of German business.
— Werner Borgers, President & CEO, Borgers Group
Als Geschäftsführer der US amerikanischen Niederlassung von Hailo, ein Unternehmen der Joachim Loh Gruppe, habe ich mich, trotz meiner langjährigen Erfahrung in den USA, entschlossen in der entscheidenden Phase unseres Standortauswahlverfahrens professionelle Unterstützung vor Ort anzufragen. Aufgrund von Herrn Blairs lokalen respektive regionalen Kenntnissen und bestehenden Netzwerken, konnten wir in kurzer Zeit geeignete Standorte besichtigen, wichtige Kontakte eröffnen und entsprechende Wirtschaftsförderungen mit den Gemeinden detailliert erörtern. Die lokale Kompetenz hat unser Auswahlverfahren beschleunigt und ebenso interne Ressourcen eingespart.
— Steffen Kosir, Geschäftsführer, Hailo USA

30 Years of Experience Helping Locate European Companies in the UNITED STATES




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The perfect team for your U.S. Site Selection


James Blair, MBA

Managing Director

Mr. Blair has over 30 years of experience in Site Selection and Economic Development. He was the Director of the German-American Chamber of Commerce’s site selection program for 2 years and the Director of the State of Georgia’s European Office (Brussels) for 18 years, as well as the Director of the State of Georgia’s Foreign Direct Investment program and its 6 international offices. He worked with over 175 companies that located their businesses in the United States.

He has served on various advisory boards including the French-American Chamber of Commerce, as well as Emory University’s Advisory Board for German Language Study. Mr. Blair was also awarded the prestigious “Officer of the National Order of Merit” medal by the French government in recognition of his service in promoting French-American business relations.

Mr. Blair received an international MBA (1983) from the University of South Carolina with a specialization in Finance and Marketing; he speaks fluent German and French, and is proficient in Dutch.

Location: Atlanta
blair (at) navigatorconsulting.us 

Key Areas of Expertise: Economic Development; Investment Strategies, Site Selection, Networks


Philip Marschall, MSc

Project Manager & Analyst

Mr. Marschall trained as a site selection analyst with Mr. Blair at the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta (Georgia) from September 2013 – September 2014. He previously gained project management experience at a regional economic development organization in North Rhine Westphalia.

With an academic background in Geography and Economics, Mr Marschall brings to the table critical expertise in the fields of cluster theory and localized drivers for business growth. This knowledge can be applied in helping clients identify strategically ideal business locations that offer long-term competitive business advantages. Mr. Marschall holds an M.Sc. in Economic Geography from RWTH Aachen University. With dual German and American citizenship, and having lived a number of years in California, he is completely bilingual and bi-cultural.

Location: Düsseldorf
marschall (at) navigatorconsulting.us 

Key Areas of Expertise: Economic Development; Industry Clusters; GIS; Spatial Planning


Mirko Semler, MLitt

Market & Business Analyst

Mr. Semler trained as a business & ratings analyst in the telecoms industry and has experience in international trade and development, amongst others from his work as a site selection analyst at the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta (Georgia). He gained significant experience in the non-profit sector as a co-founder and Director of a social enterprise in Scotland that facilitates relations between Higher Education and the local community.

As an Analyst & Project Manager, he has successfully accompanied European clients from different industries in their U.S. expansion. At Navigator Consulting, Mr Semler shares responsibility for the analytical and market research process. 

He holds a Master of Letters in Marketing from the University of St Andrews and currently pursues his PhD in experience-based and social network studies.

Mr Semler is fluent in English and after several years in the USA and UK, he is well acquainted with Anglo-Saxon (business) culture.

Location: Düsseldorf
msemler (at) blairpartner.com

Key Areas of Expertise: Data Analysis; Market Research; Research Design; Networks; Entrepreneurship

Extended Team

Jonas Wendler, MSc
Blair & Partner Unternehmensberater

Location: Düsseldorf
jwendler (at) blairpartner.com


Brandon Ardis
Junior Analyst
Navigator Consulting LLC

Location: Atlanta
ardis (at) navigatorconsulting.us





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