Location & Site Selection

Finding the Ideal Location for Your Success

Whether you are looking to establish a new manufacturing facility, relocate, expand or consolidate existing facilities, selecting a business location is a major financial commitment with far-reaching strategic implications for your company. Identifying the right location is a complex endeavor that requires a rigorous assessment process. We manage your project in an efficient manner that saves you time, energy and resources.

Existing building or greenfield site?  We will present you with feasible options that best match your project requirements. Selecting an ideal location is typically done via a process of elimination.  A holistic analytical process ensures that we discover the strengths, weaknesses and development potential of each location and property.

Our location and site advisory services are tailored to your needs, and typically carried out in five stages.

Site Selection Process
Site Selection Process - Overview (Click to Enlarge)

Our Site Selection Process Explained:

PROJECT DEFINITION – Together with your project team we will define your objectives, timeline and deliverables. In our “kick-off workshop”, we explore your project drivers and priorities, define your ideal location and site profile and identify potential risks and bottlenecks.

PRE-SELECTION – Having learned more about your location profile and target geography, we identify initial location options through pre-selection. We perform fundamental analyses to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed communities and create a “Longlist”.

INITIAL ASSESSMENT – We perform a comprehensive assessment of every community on the “Longlist” to evaluate each site’s viability. As we continue community and site visits and develop a “Shortlist”, our clients benefit from our extensive experience and personal relationships with state and local authorities who are involved in data collection and incentive decision-making.

ADVANCED ASSESSMENT – Data analysis takes the lead here, and a more detailed “operational cost dashboard” will be used to compare shortlisted communities and sites. Moreover, technical due diligence will put a price tag on the development potential of each location.

FINALISTS & NEGOTIATIONS – The increasing granularity of information helps us eliminate less qualified options. In this final stage, often accompanied by your legal and tax advisors, we conclude negotiations with state and local authorities for incentives and start-up support. Incentives can help reduce initial investments and may offset some operating costs as well.

However, the best business location decision is always based on the fundamentals of a company’s business requirements: skilled workforce; operating cost environment; proximity to customers; logistics; etc.

Location Benchmarking Example
Location Benchmarking: Example (Click to Enlarge)

Our trusted network of experienced service providers (civil and environmental engineers, construction managers, general contractors, legal counsel, recruiters, tax advisors, etc.) ensures a smooth and integrated project start-up or expansion.