Location & Site Selection

Finding the Ideal Location for Your Success

Whether you are looking to establish a new sales office, distribution center or manufacturing facilityre-locateexpand or consolidate existing facilities – choosing a business location is a far-reaching decision and a commitment for decades. Choosing the right location is by no means trivial but a complex endeavor that requires a thorough process. We manage your project in an efficient and effective manner and save you time, energy, and resources.

An existing building or a greenfield site – our site selection process ensures that we will present you with feasible options that best match your project requirements and ideal location profile. Selecting an ideal location is typically done via a process of elimination.  A thorough analytical process helps discover the strengths, weaknesses, and evaluate the development potential of each location.

Our location and site advisory services can be tailored to your situation and needs. It is typically carried out in five stages.

Site Selection Process
Site Selection Process - Overview (Click to Enlarge)

Our Site Selection Process Explained:

Project Definition – Together with your project team and expert partners we will define your objectives, timeline and deliverables during the project definition stage. During our kick-off workshop, we will explore your project drivers and priorities, define your ideal location and site profile and identify potential risks and bottlenecks.

Pre-Selection – Having learned more about your location profile and target geography, we will identify initial location options during our pre-selection. At this stage of the project, we will perform fundamental analyses to evaluate the locations’ feasibility and create a longlist.

Initial Assessment – The longlist will be subject to a thorough initial assessment, which will assess each location’s profile and each site’s viability. Our clients benefit from our internal database and our long-standing personal relationships with state and local officials who will be consulted in the process to collect relevant and up-to-date information. We thereby honor the confidentiality of your project and keep your identity concealed. Initial site visits will help us get a better understanding of the conditions of each location and reduce our options to a shortlist.

Advanced Assessment – The scrutiny with which we approach the analysis of each location will improve during our advanced assessment phase. We will compare location options in the form of business cases and economic analyses to illustrate in greater depth the operating costs of each location. Moreover, technical due diligence will put a price tag on the development potential of each location.

Finalists & Negotiations – The increasing granularity of information will help us eliminate less qualified options and define finalists. In the final stage, finalists and negotiations, we will continue and conclude our negotiations with state and local authorities for incentives and start-up support in your name and best interest. In the anticipation of job creation, these incentives will help reduce your initial investment and may even offset operating costs and taxes for a number of years. A comparison of these offers will help you select your final location.

Location Benchmarking Example
Location Benchmarking: Example (Click to Enlarge)

Our trusted partner network of experienced service providers such as civil and environmental engineers, construction managers, general contractors, legal counsel, recruiters, and tax accounts allows for a smooth and integrated project management. That said, we are used to working in close collaboration with our clients’ own team of experts.