Incentives Advisory

Maximizing Your Negotiation Position

As your trusted and independent advisors, we are only accountable to you. We thus utilize our experience and expertise to negotiate and secure financial and other start-up support in order to reduce your company’s start-up investment costs, as well as some ongoing tax and operational costs. Since 2015, each of our 22 clients has on average benefited from $745,000 in tax reductions and $348,000 in cash grants.

However, the ideal business location is about more than just incentives. Your business will operate daily with the business factors essential to your unique business model, so this location must offer you the right criteria: skilled workforce, logistics, proximity to customers, transportation and utility infrastructure, etc.

On the front end, with its proprietary site selection process, Navigator will ensure that your company finds an optimal business location. Our intent will be to follow-up with successful incentive negotiations that will ensure that your firm will benefit from cost recovery to reduce investment start-up costs.

Our consultants are former economic development officials who know the state and local decision-makers, the jargon and the incentives programs. Our team has spent years developing relationships with economic development officials that are based on mutual trust and respect. Our clients benefit from our partnerships, reputation and experience.

Our Services.

  • Package and present project criteria to local & state authorities
  • Identify, evaluate & quantify incentive opportunities
  • Compare NPV and benchmark the most attractive incentive proposals
  • Secure approvals and negotiate terms of incentive agreements
  • Manage incentives and compliance processes (applications; commitments; data collection; payout)

Our Value.

  • Navigator consultants know the subject matter and the people across the negotiating table
  • Navigator consultants understand the culture & jargon of incentive negotiation
  • Our clients benefit from our reputation as strong but fair negotiators
  • State & local authorities know Navigator well, so we maximize your negotiation position