Incentives Advisory

Maximizing Your Negotiation Position

As your trusted and independent partners, we are only accountable to you and thus utilize our experience and expertise to negotiate and secure financial and other start-up support for your project. While we believe that incentives should not drive your business case, they do enable you to partially offset your initial investment and operational costs. Incentive negotiations are thus likely to be an integral element of your decision-making. However, company executives rarely possess the knowledge to effectively negotiate financial incentives in a foreign geography and are thus at a disadvantage when negotiating with state and community authorities. Expert representation restores the balance and maximizes your negotiation position.

Our incentives experts are former economic development officials who used to sit on the other side of the table in the name of several state and local authorities. They know the jargon and incentives programs – their opportunities and limits. Our team has spent years developing relationships with economic development officials that are based on mutual trust and respect. Our clients benefit from our partnerships, reputation and experience in that field.

Our Services.

  • Package and present project criteria to local and state authorities
  • Identify and evaluate incentive options
  • Compare and illustrate the present value of all incentive proposals
  • Secure approvals and negotiate terms of incentive contracts
  • Manage incentives process and compliance (e.g. transactions and payout)

Our Value.

  • Maximize your negotiation position
  • As former state officials, our experts used to structure incentives proposals
  • You benefit from our reputation as strong but fair negotiators
  • We know the subject matter and the people on the other side of the table
  • We understand the culture, jargon, requirements and limits