Most Americans are familiar with the U.S. Department of Commerce whose professional staff around the world provide U.S. firms with export trade support. This agency also promotes the American investment environment to international firms. Every country organizes their business investment programs differently, and the Swiss provide their companies with inbound- and outbound investment support through Switzerland Global Enterprise, an organization associated with the Swiss Ministry of Trade & Industry.

James Blair, Managing Director of Navigator Consulting, has been certified by SGE Switzerland Global Enterprise as an “Expert in Business Site Selection in North America” since 2017. Mr. Blair participated in a USA-Switzerland business exchange organized by SGE in October 2020. Fifty participants from Swiss companies, law firms, trade organizations and SGE itself took part in a virtual and interactive conference call in which Swiss executives discussed their interest in the American market and spoke of the rewards and challenges of a business presence in the U.S. Swiss firms invested over $12.3 billion in the U.S. economy as of 2019, focusing on pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing and precision machinery.