James Blair, MBA

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Blair has over 40 years of experience in site selection and project management. He was Director of the German-American Chamber of Commerce’s site selection program (Atlanta) for 2 years and Director of Georgia’s Europe Office (Brussels) for 18 years, returning to Atlanta as Director of Georgia’s Foreign Direct Investment program with its 6 international offices.

He has worked with over 185 European companies that located businesses in the U.S., including familiar names like Porsche, JCB, Merial, Georg Fischer, Pirelli and Saint Gobain. But most clients were SME’s like ALPLA, Hansgrohe, Sandler, ElringKlinger, Brugg or Perkins.

Blair was awarded the prestigious “Officer of the National Order of Merit” medal by French President Sarkozy in 2012, and he has been certified as a “U.S. Expert in Site Selection” each year from 2017-22 by Swiss Global Enterprise. He sits on the Boards of the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce and the Transatlantic Business & Investment Council (TBIC).

Blair received an International MBA (1983) from the University of South Carolina. He speaks German and is proficient in French and Dutch.