Industry Research & Analysis

New Markets. Strategic Locations.

Our business intelligence services target international companies looking to expand their business into the North American market. Export-oriented companies might want to learn more about the U.S., Canadian or Mexican business environment, the industry or their competitive landscape.

Likewise, Navigator Consulting is well-positioned to provide similar industry research and analysis for North American companies that are interested in evaluating the potential of the European market. Working with our partners across the continent, we can support your internationalization strategy from Iceland, the U.K. and Germany, or Latvia to Spain.

Industry & Cluster Analysis

Gaining a deeper understanding of the economic geography of an industry and its production stages can be critical for a successful market entry. Our capabilities in geographic information systems (GIS) help us identify relevant industry clusters and underlying spatial trends that can benefit your long term investment strategy. This may include the identification of potential supplier and customer concentrations, or assessing existing R&D capabilities and access to localized knowledge in your industry. Our analytics use a complex set of indicators to identify high-performing and innovative regions – and we apply our research expertise to both the North American and European markets.

Particularly interesting in this context are the changing dynamics of the U.S. automotive cluster. Cross-sector innovation and new technologies affect the spatial distribution of the industry as a whole. We do not only focus on innovation and knowledge clusters, but on any interconnected cluster – from suppliers, over special manufacturing, services, to infrastructure-oriented clusters. Both, horizontally and vertically aligned concentrations in the supply chain.

Navigator Consulting’s customized cluster analyses and industry intelligence reports touch on questions like these, providing a basis for gaining a competitive advantage over incumbents in your industry.

Business Partner Search

We can help you find the right business location in North America, but we also want to ensure that you identify the maximum potential for your business growth. Based on your requirements, we help you identify business partners in North America, be they customers, suppliers or other stakeholders that are essential to your success.

In preliminary discussions with you, we define the parameters of your search and ultimately provide you with a qualified overview of target partners. Once identified, we can facilitate the initial outreach and introductions on your behalf.