Feasibility Studies

New Markets. Strategic Locations.

Assessing the financial viability of a business expansion into a new market is challenging, as many cost factors and parameters required for a business case planning are difficult to obtain.

Navigator Consulting offers comparative studies for companies seeking to invest into a new production or distribution location in North America.

We provide research into key investment feasibility questions:

  • United States versus Mexico versus Canada business expansion
  • State and metropolitan area cost and location factor comparisons
  • Expansion versus greenfield investment

We shed light on potential operating costs in each location, help you mitigate risks early in your planning phase and share our knowledge about the respective business environment with you.

International executives in particular will find the American operating cost landscape complex with its various state and local tax regimes, non-statutory wage and benefit rates, varying utility rates and the like.

Our goal is to present scenarios with viable investment locations that form the basis for executive decision-making. We have developed proprietary methodology that is customizable to the issues relevant to you and your firm.

Our services include:

  • Discussing your project and business plan with you in-depth
  • Defining your expectations and the possible geographic focus
  • Researching market potential by means of possible customer locations
  • Benchmarking select geographic locations
  • Focusing on key factors like work force, logistics and transportation
  • Analyzing and comparing operating cost factors
  • Outlining potential incentives opportunities

Mexico vs. USA Investment Considerations

In light of the NAFTA market further gaining momentum while at the same time subject to new trade regulations, investment considerations between the United States and Mexico are as complex as ever.

Navigator Consulting reduces this complexity by objectively comparing Pro’s and Con’s of expanding and operating your business in both countries. It includes the assessment of all relevant locational factors (including the possibility of tariffs).

We identify comparative cost advantages, current market developments and carefully rated risk factors such as crime in both the U.S. and Mexico as well as sub-markets within these geographies.

Our site selection consulting expertise in North America makes us the right partner to support your strategic NAFTA expansion project from an early stage.