Strategic Site Selection

New Markets. Strategic Locations.

Navigator Consulting offers professional site selection assistance for companies looking for a greenfield site, a shell building or an existing building to establish, expand or relocate their North American business operations.
We evaluate each location based on a complex set of location decision factors, including work force, logistics, market access, operating costs, taxation, and incentive opportunities, among others.

Business location decisions are complex; a site selection decision should not be taken lightly in order to prevent costly mistakes and delays. Based on our extensive experience and excellent reputation as an impartial advisory firm, we assist international companies with their North American business location needs in a holistic and objective process. We keep a keen focus on the project priorities, timeline and budget. Our goal is to help you find the ideal business location for your company’s long-term growth and competitiveness.

While most of our clients are the typical small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) with projects involving capital investment of 50 million USD to 150 million USD and 150 – 250 employees, other clients have entrusted us with investment decisions of up to 530 million USD and 1,000 employees. Our clients have included SME’s as well as multinational corporations, ranging from automotive, aerospace and precision machining to food processing and technical textile industries.

Key benefits of the Navigator Consulting approach:

Efficient Project Management

Two Continents, One Team

The complexity of a transatlantic business expansion with multiple stakeholders calls for trusted expertise on both sides of the Atlantic. Effectively communicating with your HQ from a shared time zone is one thing, but moving the project forward on site while reducing travel costs is another.

Our geographic setup and proven approach to site selection ensure a smooth project management, which saves internal resources and lets you focus on your daily activities, without distractions.

Our bi-cultural and multi-lingual staff coordinates all stakeholders and handles all external communication while ensuring your confidentiality.

Geo-Powered Analytics & Smart Mapping

Eliminating White Spots

Every site search considers a complex set of locational factors. Our multivariate location analysis creates a holistic picture of strategic locational advantages for your business expansion.

Our analytics rely on precise geo-information from Esri™ powered GIS, our database and up-to-date market information from a variety of propriety and trusted sources.

Site Due Diligence

100% Development-Ready

We carefully plan and execute each project step with full accuracy, confidentiality and in close coordination with our clients.

In closing projects and potential deals, we conduct site due diligence, meaning that all aspects revolving around development bottlenecks, natural risks, environmental hazards, infrastructure needs as well as zoning and ownership rights are cleared up.

Key Partner Network

Profit from 30 Years of Site Selection Project Execution

The North American market does not fall short of legal pitfalls and regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles. Depending on your project needs, we optionally work with key partners to keep your North American business expansion on track.

Together with our partners we can help you navigate through the legal and tax environment, set-up meetings and help negotiate with authorities, real estate owners & other relevant decision-makers. Once your new operations are off the ground, we have helped you built trusted relationships to become embedded in a local support network.

Negotiation Support

Securing Incentives to Reduce Startup Costs

We have a reputation as an impartial gatekeeper and strong negotiator. As an extension of your executive team, we negotiate with economic development decision-makers on all levels on your behalf.

In keeping with our philosophy that “incentives do not make a bad deal good, but can make a good deal better”, our fee structure ensures that we are not compensated based on your incentives.

Any questions?

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