Market Research & Business Intelligence

For Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Our market research and business intelligence service enables your evidence-driven decision-making for planned business expansions to the Canadian, Mexican and the U.S. market. We help you learn more about these markets and industry clusters in the NAFTA region, assess your market potential, get to know your customers or competitors, and test the feasibility of your business case – we have the experience and research capabilities to reinforce your business plan with reliable numbers.

Our Services.

  • Location Benchmarking
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Potential Studies
  • Industry Research
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Partner Search
  • Others

Our Value.

  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Modern analytical capabilities
  • Geo-analytical tools (GIS)
  • Reliable and current information
  • Information delivery in format of your choosing (e.g. company presentation template)
  • Quick response time